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NJMCDirect: Getting a ticket for overdue of your parking is annoying. You can get a feel of it through the scenes of the movie Zootopia. Judy Hopps left no stone unturned to charge the vehicle’s parking tickets, most of it to the people’s annoyance. A NJMCDirect Website ticket can be as annoying as your freshly worn sock getting wet yet paying for it at the station can give you far more taxation than earlier being fined with one. It takes up one whole day, the procedures are slow and worthless and excruciatingly annoying. Here, in this article, we suggest you ways through which you might save yourselves gallons of time and pay for your ticket/fine online. Its fast, safe, government approved and saves you time. So let us begin with the basic know-how and requirement of the procedure.

NJMCDirect – How to Pay Traffic Tickets Online?


  • Registration 

The most important and foremost thing is to register yourself in the direct login of the government traffic police portal. It makes your payment procedure easy and registers you soon. If any unfortunate day you are charged for a ticket by the traffic police then you can at least be assured of your online registration and easy payment instantly there and then. However, it is still highly advisable to follow traffic rules instead. Life would be much easier. 

  • How does it work

Once you register yourself to the website you can easily get access to the payment section. Not only so, you easily can know about the basic traffic rules. Not to be prudent but you are advised to go through it once so that you do not break the traffic rules. The website also reminds you of the last date in case you fail to pay it sooner, and you are at a much comfortable place anyhow. You save yourself from the additional charges put upon you upon the failure to pay the fine.

  • Prerequisites 

There a list of pre-requisites which are necessary before and while you get yourself registered in these government websites to pay the tickets at NJMCDirect are a basic few things like 

  1. License plate number 
  2. Your vehicle papers soft copy 
  3. The soft copy, which may be a scanned or PDF file of the ticket you were fiend with
  4. A valid online payment bank credit/debit card with KYC or Know your customer provision
  5. The pay through submission of all documents 

Once you go through all the formalities you are pretty much permanently registered on the government portal. Anywhere and everywhere. 

  • How charging takes place

The violators are being charged with a hefty amount of fine, with the help of electronic gadgets. Your fines are decided and the severity of your crime is judged upon your intensity of the crime, for example, speeding. Later the whole penalty for your violation of traffic rules is charged accordingly. It is only possible through CCTV cameras, speed cameras, and light monitors, etc. You are observed and charged per the intensity of your traffic rule violation. This particular website allows you to pay any amount of money big and small, online.

  • Why go online 

It is an obvious answer for those millennials living the internet life daily. However, people who are still old school and are not very friendly towards the idea of online payment through your card details here are some listed perks to clear your doubts

  1. The registration of your profile will carry every other document soft copy within it
  2. The online traffic fine payment is assured quite secure and easy to use
  3. It saves you from long queues and police station visits, leading to a waste of a day
  4. Saves you from the accidental overdue of payment issues
  5. Keeps a track record of your fine payments further motivating you not to break traffic rules
  6. All the document copies of your fine and traffic violation are authentic soft copies 

Here, were a few sets of reasons why its necessary to and rather better to go for online traffic ticket payments. You will get necessary state and center regulations updates and also will keep track of your entire spending.  

  • Soft copy of all documents 

One major reason why registration online is necessary is that it will automatically lead to saving your documents. Apart from the soft copy of your vehicle papers and driver’s license you also have an option to save your identification as well, however, that is is completely optional. Upon registration, you are quite literally carrying your identification safe in your cell-phone every time you move out. 

These were a basic few tips and reasons for how you pay an online traffic fine and why you must switch to an online platform. Hopefully, the article guided our readers well, although it is still highly recommended to move according to the regulation and save your life and money.